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Patented Neurotechnology

Quell is an innovative 100% drug-free and non-surgical approach to relieve the symptoms of chronic pain. The device stimulates sensory nerves with safe and precise electrical pulses to trigger a natural pain relief response.  Quell is 3X more powerful than typical TENS devices1 and is a 2019 CES Innovation Award Honoree.

Over 20 Years of Research

The company was started by Dr. Shai Gozani, MD, Ph.D., while conducting research at MIT. NeuroMetrix has spent over 20 years developing technology to help physicians diagnose nerve disorders and, more recently, to address chronic pain.

With over 70 patents awarded since 1996, Quell is the product of this expertise and combines neurostimulation and digital health technologies to relieve chronic pain.

Quell is a FDA Class II Medical Device2

Smart Technology

Quell is pain relief technology that lives with you day and night. It is smart enough to adjust therapy while you sleep and even to compensate for changes in the weather. With the Quell app, you can track your progress, including pain levels, activity, gait, sleep and mood.

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Quell Designed for People

Powerful and Personalized

  • 100% drug and surgery-free
  • Prescription-strength TENS
  • Personalized to your preferences and body type
  • Notifies you about changes to the weather that may impact your pain
  • Slim and rechargeable
  • Comfortable enough to wear 24/7

For Best Results, Use Daily

We recommend using Quell for at least three 1-hour therapy sessions per day.  The more you use Quell, the better chance you have of experiencing pain relief.

Quell Research Studies

Selected posters and abstracts

Improved Sleep in Individuals Using Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation for Chronic Pain Management

Presented at the 11th Biennial Congress of the European Pain Federation (EFIC), September 4-7, 2019, Valencia, Spain

Application of Machine Learning to Improve Time-in-Bed Detection by Leg-Worn Actigraphy

Presented at SLEEP 2019 33rd Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, LLC (APSS), June 8-12, 2019, San Antonio, TX, USA

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