Therapy Autopilot™

The stimulation intensity that is required for pain relief and comfort is not constant.  It changes during the course of a 60-minute therapy session and over the course of the day and night.

In a typical TENS device, you must manually adjust the intensity to maintain the right level of nerve stimulation.  This requires your constant vigilance.  We believe that modern pain relief technology should do its job so that you can do yours and live your life.

Quell Therapy Autopilot technology is a patented, automated intensity control that is only found in Quell pain relief devices. Like cruise control on your car, this technology automatically manages stimulation intensity for you, while allowing you to take over at any time.

You can customize Therapy Autopilot to your preferences using the Quell mobile app.


Automatic start

Starts a therapy session automatically within a minute of placing the device on your leg.

Intensity ramp up

Automatically and comfortably increases the intensity to your therapeutic level at the start of a session.

Desensitization adjustment

Slowly increases intensity during the course of the 1-hour session to offset nerve desensitization.

Body position adjustment

Intensity automatically adjusts so that stimulation feels consistent when you are lying down.

Time of day adjustment

Automatically adjusts intensity so that stimulation feels consistent throughout the day.

Sleep modes

Select your preferred style of therapy while you sleep. Options include therapy as you fall asleep, therapy throughout the night at a reduced intensity and therapy when you are experiencing restless sleep.