Only TENS Device with Sleep Technology

There is a two-way relationship between sleep and pain.  Poor sleep makes pain worse and pain disrupts sleep.  So it is not surprising that most people with chronic pain also have poor sleep.  This may include a short sleep duration, difficulty falling asleep, waking up at night and altered sleep cycles.  Quell offers patented technology to help control your pain while you sleep

  • Thin device that is comfortable to wear during sleep
  • 4 sleep modes to chose from
  • Built in sleep tracker (Learn more)
  • Advanced battery technology so you only need to recharge every 3-4 days
  • Only TENS device cleared by the FDA for use during sleep*


Sleep Modes

Gentle Overnight

Overnight therapy at reduced intensity. This is the default mode.

Bedtime Only

Therapy only while falling asleep.

Full Power

Overnight therapy at regular daytime intensity.

As Needed

Therapy only when Quell detects that you are having restless sleep.