Designed to deliver prescription strength TENS therapy

The proprietary design of the Quell electrode is one of the keys to Quell delivering prescription strength TENS therapy. Quell stimulates a large number of nerves over an extend period of time. The hydrogel pads and silver circuits are optimized to deliver high powered neurostimulation in a precise and controlled way.

Standard or Sport Electrodes

There are two types of Quell Electrodes available, Standard or Sport. The Standard Electrodes are typically included in most starter kits and are designed to deliver comfortable, effective pain relief year round. The Standard hydrogel is designed to provide consistent, comfortable nerve stimulation in most conditions and is ideal for daily use. However, each person’s skin is different.

As an alternative, we offer Quell Sport Electrodes which have a unique gel designed to better hold up in situations with high levels of humidity and perspiration. This sweat resistant gel absorbs less moisture, but is otherwise comparable to the Standard Electrode.

Compare and Save with Quell Subscriptions

Each electrode is designed to last up to two weeks with typical use and proper storage. We recommend that you replace your electrodes every two weeks for optimal comfort and performance. In order to make sure that you never run out of electrodes, we offer a variety of options for repurchase.

We offer both Standard and Sport Electrodes in Single Packs, Three Packs and Four Packs. If you prefer to have your Quell Electrodes arrive automatically each month and to save money, our subscription service may be right for you. By signing up for the electrode subscription, a new single pack of either Standard or Sport Electrodes will be shipped to you every 28 days and you will save 10% over the cost of buying a single pack of electrodes each month. You can also save 15% by signing up for subscription on Three Packs, or 20% on Four Packs.

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Caring For Your Electrodes

With proper care, a single electrode should last up to two weeks. The gel pads may show signs of wear during normal use including spreading, peeling around the edges and fading. If stimulation feels uncomfortable or you see the orange light on the Quell device blink when you attempt to start therapy, you should replace your electrode. You should save the paper liner that comes with the Quell electrodes to protect the gel when you are not using them.

Amazing product

I am almost 84, and was having activity limiting knee pain. My daughter, retired RN, saw your product advertized and bought it for me. I can actually go about my usual routine and do my gardening since receiving my Quell unit. It's truly a godsend!
- Arlene M.

Results vary. You may not experience pain relief from Quell.

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