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Controlled by the Quell Relief App

The Quell Relief app for iOS and Android will further enhance your Quell experience by providing advanced personalization and control of your Quell. With the Quell Relief app you can:

  • Calibrate your Quell to your precise needs, start and stop therapy sessions and adjust the intensity of therapy. Select from different stimulation patterns, therapy dosages, and sleep modes to find the ones that work best for you.

  • Enable a number of Therapy Automation features that make using Quell more integrated into your lifestyle.

  • Track weather changes that may impact pain and adjust therapy accordingly.

  • Receive notifications with customized insights and helpful tips to keep you on track.

  • Measure progress and review detailed insights about therapy, sleep, activity and pain.

The Quell Relief app is required for setup and calibration of Quell 2.0. Once completed, Quell 2.0 can be programmed for use without the app. To enable this functionality, go to the setting menu within the app, select Therapy Automation and within that menu select Automatic On-Skin Start to enable this feature. Once enabled Quell 2.0 will start therapy within 1 minute of attaching the device to your leg.

The app is not required for the original Quell device, but greatly enhances usability.

Learn about Quell Therapy Coach.

Learn more about the various insights our app provides:

Quell Health Cloud – Advancing Pain Research

By signing up for a Quell Health Cloud account, not only do you unlock unique features and back up your data so it’s never lost, you have an opportunity to be part of something bigger. Thanks to people like you, the Quell Health Cloud is already one of the largest pain databases in the world, with over 15 million hours of data. This data is fueling scientific research and Quell product improvements.

You can rest assured that only de-identified data is used in scientific research and product improvement. This means your registration information (i.e., name, email or contact address) is disconnected from your usage, sleep, activity and pain data so you cannot be identified. Additionally, our research is performed using aggregated data. This means researchers combine your de-identified data with millions of other data points and look at the data set as a whole.

See Our Chronic Knee Pain Infographic

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Amazing product

I am almost 84, and was having activity limiting knee pain. My daughter, retired RN, saw your product advertized and bought it for me. I can actually go about my usual routine and do my gardening since receiving my Quell unit. It's truly a godsend!
- Arlene M.

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