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"I went back to fishing. I value my life again.*"


"The Quell makes it a lot easier to cope with the pain.*"


"Emotionally, and physically I've been able to enjoy just everyday activities.*"


"This turned down the noise... enough that I could focus on everything else.*"


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Unpaid testimonial based on experience with the original Quell device. Travel expenses reimbursed. In a 60-day home use test conducted among 88 Quell users with chronic pain, the majority of participants reported an improvement in their pain with regular use of the device. Results may vary.

What people are saying about Quell1



Finally something that works

I first heard about Quell thru a friend of mine. I was willing to tried anything because I have been in pain for so long. Since the first day I started using Quell I felt relieve, by my second day I didn’t feel any pain whatsoever. Quell really works. Thank you for making such great product.

- Maria D.

Its a keeper

“This is best I have felt in 2 yrs. I have lost many days to pain. This device gives me hope for having more good/very good days enjoying the things I used to do, not just thinking about it. I have just finished the 3rd week and now can’t imagine not having it.”

- Christine W.

Reduces pain and discomfort.

“I bought this for my brother, who has had one knee replacement and is trying to avoid another. He works twice a week which involves walking for seven hours helping customers and by the end of the day he was in a great deal on of pain and discomfort, which lasted into the next day. This product has taken his pain level after working from an 8 to a 4 and when not working it has reduced his discomfort even more.”

- Alasscan
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Changed my life

“I honestly didn’t expect it to work but purchased Quell. Fast forward to the present and you will see me running after my grandkids, teaching Pilates and enjoying life! Quell changed my life!!”

- Denise G.

Less Pain

“Quell has changed the quality of my life. I’m able to walk, do a few things like vacuum, dust, stand and shop. Thank you for saving my quality of life and helping me have less pain in my everyday life.”

- Cheryl M.


“I’m astonished. I just got a Quell a week or so ago and was amazed. It is not a miracle cure, but the quality of life it has given me back I am so grateful for. Thank you.”

- Jay H.
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Quell Is Worth It!

“After suffering chronic pain following multiples surgeries I was willing to try anything. I purchased Quell with a skeptic view but after a week of constant use. I am a believer! After 27 years of constant pain I am mostly pain free and able to sleep at night. You owe it to yourself to try it! Thank you Quell!”

- Don M.

Quell 2.0

“This product changed my life. I work in a hospital for up to 12 hours a shift and with Quell I am now able to comfortably complete my shift with a lot less discomfort and pain. Quell works so well I wear it almost 24/7. Thank you for allowing me to continue working until I retire in comfort.”

- Verified Buyer

Stairs are no longer a challenge

“I’m a 60 year old male with a history of contact sports and military life, my hip and knees, frankly, were just exhibiting the pain and irritation I’ve put them thru. Stairs for one was becoming a real challenge. I’ve used the Quell therapy for almost 2 months and stairs are no longer a challenge, and I’m back forthe most on target, thanx to the good folks @ Quell…”

- Don

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