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"I went back to fishing. I value my life again."


"The Quell makes it a lot easier to cope with the pain."


"I always know that I can get where I need to go."


"Emotionally, and physically I've been able to enjoy just everyday activities."


"This turned down the noise... enough that I could focus on everything else."


"There are no side effect here, really, other than feeling better."


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Unpaid testimonial based on experience with original Quell device. Travel expenses reimbursed. In a published study, 4 out of 5 people who tried Quell reported improvement in chronic pain. Results may vary.

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Very skeptical but I'm now a believer

“I purchased this as a gift for my mother – she is in her late 50s and is experiencing severe osteoarthritis in her hip, as well as lower back pain. Within 3 days, the Quell brought her back pain from an 8 to a 1 or 2, and while it was less effective for her hip, it brought that down from a 9 to a 7. She wears the Quell on the same leg as a knee replacement and hasn’t noticed a difference in switching legs. This is a phenomenal product and it has basically given her back her mobility and her life. If anyone is even remotely interested I highly recommend you try it out for the trial period. My only gripe is the cost of the gel pads every month, but a dollar a day is worth her comfort. Thank you to the manufacturer for making this product!”

- James

I have my motion back I feel so much better

“Thank you to the makers of Quell! I have been wearing the Quell Relief Device since for 2 plus months. It is a life changer for me! I have had Fibromyaglia for 32 years. I have taken over the counter pain relievers for the duration. I cannot tolerate the medications out there for Fibro. I do not have insurance now and I also had a hip injury with Sciatica 3 years ago. In addition, I suffer from peripheral neuropathy and plantar fascitis and knee pain. This device has helped me tremendously! I have my motion back I feel so much better. I no longer have to take pain medications daily. I can stand in one place for a while and walking around stores has improved greatly. I am looking forward to starting to exercise again”

- Amy

It really works!! Highly recommended!!

“After 12 years of experimenting different remedies for my sciatica, lumbar fusion surgery, lyrica, gabapentin etc. and having failed all of them reducing my pain I finally found Quell. It has been the great help I was looking for !! My experience showed me that it’s almost impossible to cure a sciatica so to find something that can relief the awful symptoms without any harmful secondary effects it’s great! Now I am not scared of my pain because I have a way to diminish or disappear it completely!! I also suffer pain from arthritis and it helps also with that pain! The app is excellent and it helps a lot tomanage the use of the device. Thanks to all the Quell team!”

- Anaon
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The changes in my life due to Quell are amazing

“I have been using Quell for nearly 3 months. The changes in my life due to Quell are amazing. As with many people, I have multiple auto immune illnesses. These conditions cause general pain throughout my body and localized pain. Yesterday I helped my husband load cement edging for our lawn. Friday I worked with my husband to gather items to sell in our garage sale. I haven’t been able to do such tasks for years. For me, not dealing with constant pain has also given me more energy. I am sleeping so much better. I used to wake at night when I needed to change positions and try to determine the least painful way to move. Now I can go through many nights without waking at all. I recommend this product highly. Please give it a try and discover if it works for you.”

- Rhonda

This device changed my mom's life

“This device changed my mom’s life. She was actually able to get to her PT appts. Due to less pain in knee and back, it allowed her to drive and walk in to her appts free of a wheel chair. Her PT matched w/ the use of Quell has given my mom her life back. It’s extraordinary. Thank you.”

- Farrah

Quell has exceeded my expectations

“I’ve had chronic pain in my hip and lower back for a few years now. I was willing to try anything to live without pain. Quell has exceeded my expectations! I use it daily and have eliminated my pain. I love to golf, but playing nine holes meant two to three days of suffering. I can’t wait for golf season to get here this year! Thanks Quell!!!!”

- Dana
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A way to cope with the pain

“I have ongoing pain 24/7. Sometimes the pain and nerve and muscle spasms are unbearable, but this really does help. When I do house-work and or shopping (on my feet for any length of time, bending over, sitting in the car for any length of time, and/or trying to carry anything) I put my Quell on prior to the activity and it does really ease the intensity of the pain.”

- Diane D.

After years of back pain I finally have relief

“After years of back pain I finally have relief. No more feeling dependent on pain meds. I no longer have to wait for my husband to help me attach my TENS electrodes to my back and best of all, no more wires to contend with. With Quells easy to use app I am in control. I wear my Quell all day and night and only take it off to bathe or swim. I am now able to enjoy cooking, hiking, shopping, bicycling and waking up without pain. I recommend Quell to anyone suffering from pain. With their 60 day money back guarantee what do you have to lose.”

- Jeri

Stairs are no longer a challenge

“I’m a 60 year old male with a history of contact sports and military life, my hip and knees, frankly, were just exhibiting the pain and irritation I’ve put them thru. Stairs for one was becoming a real challenge. I’ve used the Quell therapy for almost 2 months and stairs are no longer a challenge, and I’m back forthe most on target, thanx to the good folks @ Quell…”

- Don

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