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How do I attach the electrode to the device?

How To Attach
Place the device into the band with the lights facing up. Align the snaps on the electrode to the snap connectors on the back of the device. Insert snaps until they are securely fastened. Remove the liner covering the electrode before placing the device on your leg. Remember to keep this liner as it should be placed back on the electrode to protect the electrode while it is not in use.

Where is Quell worn?

Where is Quell Worn

Quell is worn 1-2 inches below the knee, with the lights facing up so you can see them. It does not matter which leg you wear it on.  The device should be resting on the inside, outside or back of the calf.  We recommend not wearing the device directly on the shinbone (although the electrode may be in contact with the front of the leg). Electrodes must be in direct contact with the skin.

Can I wear Quell anywhere but my upper calf?

Quell is designed to be worn 1-2” below the knee so that it can stimulate the cluster of sensory nerves in the calf. If for whatever reason you cannot wear Quell 1-2” below your knee, Quell can also be worn just above the knee (on the lower thigh) or on the middle of the calf.

Your Therapy Questions Answered

How long does a therapy session last?

The device is set up and will start in regular dose therapy mode. However, therapy can be customized using the app, to suit your needs.

  • Regular

    60 minute therapy sessions restarting every 60 minutes.

  • Low Dose

    30 minute therapy sessions restarting every 60 minutes.

  • High Dose

    60 minute therapy sessions restarting every 30 minutes.

  • Manual

    Therapy sessions are 60 minutes long and must be restarted manually.

Why is my device pulsing after wearing it for a few hours?

After four hours of wear, Quell will deliver an alternate stimulation pattern to remind you to remove the device from the leg. The purpose of this is to prevent skin irritation. After four hours of wear, you should remove the device from the leg in order to air out the skin. At this time, we recommend that you switch the device to your other leg.

How do I start therapy?

Start Therapy
You may start therapy by clicking the device button once. One light on the device will blink on and off for the duration of the therapy session. You can also start a therapy session using the Quell Relief App. Calibration must be completed before your first therapy session.

How do I stop therapy?

Stop Therapy

Therapy can be stopped at any time by clicking the device button four times in a row. You may also stop therapy by using the Quell app. If no lights are blinking and there is no stimulation, Quell can be safely removed from the leg.

What should the therapy stimulation feel like?

The therapy stimulation should feel like a strong, but comfortable, buzzing sensation. If at any point the sensation becomes uncomfortable, decrease the intensity.

Increasing and decreasing therapy intensity

Wait until after the first two minutes of a therapy session to adjust the intensity. This allows the device to ramp up to calibrated intensity.

How do I increase therapy intensity?


Increase Intensity

To increase therapy intensity, press and hold the
device button for approximately 3-4 seconds and
release. Each second of clicking & holding the button will increase the intensity by 1.25%. The lights should cascade up and down, showing that the intensity has increased. Therapy intensity can also be increased using the Quell Relief App.

How do I decrease therapy intensity?

Decrease Intensity
To decrease therapy intensity, click the device button.
Each click of the button will lower the therapeutic intensity
by 5%. Therapy intensity can also be decreased using the Quell Relief App.

Will Quell remember my therapy intensity settings?

Therapy intensity changes will be stored, if you
complete the full 60 minute therapy session.

Charging Quell

Quell is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery.
The Quell specific charger and cable are in the Quell
box under the device. Simply plug the charger into the
wall socket, plug the large end of the cable into the
charger and the small end into the bottom of the

Can I charge Quell while wearing it?

For safety reasons, Quell cannot be charged while on the leg.

How do I check the battery life?

To check the battery life of your Quell manually, press the button while off your leg and the device is not plugged into the wall. The lights on the device indicate the battery level.  5 white lights is a full battery. An orange light indicates that the Quell device needs to be charged. Battery levels and remaining therapy sessions till charge needed are displayed within the Quell App.

Single blink of 1 white light Adequate charge for 1 therapy session
Single blink of 2, 3 or 4 lights The number of illuminated white lights correspond to the level of battery charge. The higher the number the closer it is to being fully charged.
Single blink of 5 white lights Fully Charged Battery
Single blink of orange light Battery needs to be charged

How long does Quell take to charge?

An empty battery could 2-3 hours to reach a full charge.

When can I charge Quell?

You can charge Quell anytime you are not wearing it. A fully charged battery lasts for up to 50 hours, or 4 to 7 days of typical use.

If you are experiencing errors with charging your device, please contact
Customer Care at 1-800-204-6577.

Skin Care Tips

Mild skin irritation is a potential side effect of Quell. This page contains helpful tips about how to minimize your risk of skin irritation and maximize your pain relief with Quell.

Give your skin some time to air out by removing the device after 4-5 hours of wear. At this time, you may switch Quell to the other leg, or simply take it off altogether. Quell will pulse every 4-5 hours to remind you to air out your skin.

Switch legs if/when possible.

Wearing Quell in the same spot consistently can increase your risk of skin irritation. Alternating or switching legs can minimize that risk by limiting the exposure level of one patch of skin.

Moisturize dry skin.

Dry skin is more susceptible to irritation. Apply moisturizer to the leg 20-30 minutes before using Quell.

Do not wrap the Quell band too tightly.

Wrapping the Quell band too tightly can cause the electrodes to unsnap and can lead to skin irritation. Only wrap the band tightly enough to keep Quell in place.

Light Pattern Descriptions

Device on Skin

Standby No lights illuminated Device in standby, no thera[py or calibration in progress
Calibration Waterfall White(lights running back and forth) Calibration in progress
Therapy Single Blinking White Light Therapy Session in Progress
Lights running one direction or the other Intensity increase or decrease as a result of button press or adjustment via app
Stimulation halted earlier than expected Orange light blinks for 2 minutes Therapy or Calibration has halted due to an error condition; see Appendix A for possible causes

Device off Skin

Device State Indicator Light Status Explanation
Battery Check Single blink of 1 white light Adequate charge for 1 therapy session
Single blink of 2,3 or 4 white lights The number of illuminated white lights correspond to the level of battery charge. The higher the number the closer it is to being fully charged.
Single blink of 5 white lights Fully Charged battery
single blink of orange light Battery needs to be charged
Therapy Dose 1 white light or 5 lights illuminate while button is held With a 10 second press off-skin, 5 white lights indicate Regular therapy dose is selected(60 min on, 60 min off, automatically). 1 white light indictates manual dosage; 60 min on and then user has to restart. Regular is the default setting.

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