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Facts about Quell

  • 100% drug free.

  • Blocks chronic pain for widespread relief.

  • Only pain relief device FDA cleared for use while sleeping.

  • 81% of users report improvement in their chronic pain*

  • 67% of users report reduction in their pain medication use*

  • Measure progress on multiple unique health dimensions including pain, activity,and gait, in addition to therapy and sleep.

  • New App Calibration, the first step in personalization. Makes it easier to setup and set optimal, individual dosage.

  • Unprecedented personalization capabilities including time of day adjustments to incorporate circadian fluctuations, “as needed” therapy at night, and additional stimulation patterns.

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Quell Wearable Pain Relief

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App based calibration for Quell

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Quell Commercial

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About Neurometrix

NeuroMetrix is a commercial stage, innovation driven healthcare company combining bioelectricaland digital medicine to address chronic health conditions including chronic pain, sleep disorders, and diabetes. The company’s lead product is Quell, an over-the-counter wearable therapeutic device for chronic pain. Quell is integrated into a digital health platform that helps patients optimize their therapy and decrease the impact of chronic pain on their quality of life. The company maintains an active research effort and has several pipeline programs, including a therapeutic device for restless leg syndrome. The company is located in Waltham, Massachusetts and was founded as a spin-off from the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology in 1996.

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*AAPM Facts and Figures on Pain. American Academy of Pain Medicine website. Accessed July 11, 2016.