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CCTV America 01/03/2016

What To Expect From CES This Year

More than 2 million square feet of venue space are filling up with the latest and greatest technology on the planet. It’s all for the technology conference formerly called “Consumer Electronics Show.” Now, it’s simply called “CES.”

Over the coming days, CCTV-America will bring you some of the most innovative, creative and downright awesome technologies on display in Las Vegas. You’ll get instant access to the center of innovation.

Here’s a preview of the things we’re looking forward to the most:

Quell Wearable Pain Relief Technology

One of the major trends has been – and will continue to be – something called “wearables.” This is technology that users wear. It includes devices that track health patterns and vital signs. Products here include Belty (a health tracking device which debuted last year at CES to immense excitement), three new offerings from Fitkat, a device called Quell (which claims to deliver drug-free pain relief via the device), another device which does similar things called ReliefBand and VERT (a performance tracker designed for athletes).

Expect a major product announcement from Ford on Tuesday morning. It will come just after 10:30am Eastern (7:30am local in Las Vegas). The rumor is Ford will announce a partnership with Google to produce a self-driving car. We will announce the news first via Twitter. Follow @CCTV_America

Other companies are jumping into the self-driving car space. That includes an update from Kia on its plans. But it and other manufacturers will have a hard time stealing the spotlight from Ford if the rumors are to be believed, primarily because Google has already made so much progress on its own.

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