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MD+DI 02/25/2015

Wearable Health Devices to Watch: Quell

Wearable health devices are flooding the market.

Wearable health devices represent an exciting opportunity for medtech. Pegged at $2 billion in 2013, the market for wearable healthcare products is expected to grow 65% each year, exceeding $40 billion in 2020, according to market research firm Soreon Research. And while one in 10 Americans owned an activity tracker last year, according to Endeavor Partners, a number of wearable health devices offer more sophisticated capabilities than simply counting steps.

Here are some wearable health devices we’re keeping our eyes on.

NeuroMetrix’s Quell

Quell, a wearable neurostimulator developed by Waltham, MA-based NeuroMetrix, is intended to provide relief for users who suffer chronic pain due to conditions including fibromyalgia, sciatica, post herpatic neuralgia, and neuropathy. The device uses an electrode strapped to the upper calf to deliver pulses that trigger a pain relief response in the brain. It can also measure the quality of users’ sleep. Quell is FDA approved as a Class II medical device and will be available to consumers over the counter starting in the second quarter of 2015.

South Korea-based H2 Care has developed the H2, a small, lightweight, wrist-worn blood pressure monitor that lets users get readings from anywhere in 20 seconds. The device is paired with an online dashboard for managing the data it captures, and a companion app can be set to remind users to take readings at set intervals. The company raised more than $50,000 via an Indigogo crowdfunding campaign in 2014.

Vancive Medical Technologies’s Metria IH1 disposable device monitors calorie expenditure, activity levels, steps, and sleep. Four sensors incorporated into the device collect more than 25 data types. It can be worn 24/7—even in the shower or while exercising—for up to seven days. Data can be extracted from the device by connecting it via USB to a computer, and a dashboard helps users make sense of the information captured.

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