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Fox News 09/01/2018

Wearable device taps tech to battle opioid addiction

A Massachusetts company is touting a wearable device that it says can alleviate chronic pain, offering a high-tech alternative to opioids.

Quell is a drug-free device built by Waltham, Mass.-based NeuroMetrix. The wearable, which is worn on the calf, is designed to block chronic pain, according to the company’s CEO Dr. Shai Gozani. “[The] technology stimulates the sensory nerves in your calf sending neural pulses to your brain, that trigger the release of your body’s natural pain blockers called enkephalins,” he told Fox News via email. “Quell was designed for multiple types and sources of chronic pain like back pain, arthritic pain, leg and foot pain, among others.”


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