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Pain News Network 07/22/2015

Wear, Tear & Care: The Quell Pain Relief Device

“You have exhausted all of your options.”

That is what I was told when I was denied as a new patient at Massachusetts General Hospital. Western medicine has officially given me the heave-ho.

Because I have a “long-standing relationship with another pain management clinic,” unless I am being referred for a specific procedure that my current doctors do not have, I am not allowed to become a patient elsewhere.

It’s so strange to reach the end of the road. It’s one thing to be told that the doctors are running out of ideas; it’s another thing entirely to have someone tell you that there is literally no other procedure in existence. All the treatments they are willing to try have been attempted. Science and research have not caught up yet. This is as good as it’s going to get…

Pain management doctors must be frustrated with patients like me. It’s not like they’re huddled in a conference room, rubbing their hands together and muttering under their collective breath the names of patients they’re going to disappoint. I hate when I fail at my job. I’m sure they feel the same. But they are the gatekeepers, and they are in my way.

Quell Wearable Pain Relief

Everything that has helped recently has been found by my father, by my husband, and by me. I exercise as much as I can when the pain allows. I use a BodyBlade in order to strengthen my core muscles. I practice mindfulness and meditation. I stretch and do yoga on a daily basis. I walk at lunch. I get pain relief massages. I go to the chiropractor. I found the Quell pain relief device, which I adore and wrote about on my blog.

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