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Wear, Tear & Care 07/02/2015

Thoughts on the Quell Pain Relief Device

I have now been using the Quell pain relief device for 15 days. Here are my initial thoughts:

Quell Wearable Pain Relief

I definitely notice when I am not wearing it. Last week I was on the beach in Cape Cod with the in-laws for an afternoon, so I didn’t put it on for fear of ugly tan lines. I crashed as soon as I got back to the hotel. My pain quieted within 20 minutes when I started wearing the Quell again.

While it can be tolerated on a 24-hour basis, I have been wearing the Quell only during the daytime. My pain is better when I’m flat on my back (once I take some tizanidine, anyway). I attempted to wear it one night and found the vibration, even in nighttime mode, too distracting. On the plus side, Husband could not feel the vibration on his side of the bed, so it won’t disturb any partners.

For not wearing it 24-hours a day, the electrodes wear down at a rapid rate. After five days bits of the gel came off and stuck to my skin when I removed the device.

Considering that replacements are $30 a pop, I hope that this will be worked out in future versions.

While slimmer and more non-obtrusive than most pain relief devices, it is still not small enough to be worn under form-fitting pants without looking like I have a monstrous tumor. Luckily, I can change my wardrobe. I need new pants anyway, and flares are coming back. Today I am wearing it under normal dress pants, and it’s invisible. However, a lot of my wardrobe centers around leggings and tights, which would be impossible with the Quell unless I stretch those out — which, of course, I am willing to do if the result makes me feel better.

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