PC Mag 01/11/2019

The Best Wearables of CES 2019

CES is a place for new and innovative technology, and perhaps no category embodies this better than the wearable device market. Yes, we saw countless smartwatches and fitness trackers this year, but we also saw products designed to help everyone from the elderly to those who aren’t even born yet.

The wearables at CES 2019 spanned a wide a variety of industries. From healthcare and fitness, to beauty and fashion, the show floor was filled with devices for every possible use case imaginable. It wasn’t easy to come up with this list, but these are the 15 wearables that made the biggest impression on us this year.

Quell 2.0 Wearable Pain Relief

Whenever you experience pain, wrapping the Quell 2.0 band around your leg (no matter where the pain is) will then prompt it to send neural pulses to the brain, which then trigger a pain relief response in the central nervous system. This second-generation model includes an Intensive Therapy option that acts even faster than its predecessor. It’s also been cleared by the FDA for use during the day and night. The Quell Relief app has been updated with a Therapy Coach feature you can use to customize your therapy and track the progress of your sessions.


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