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Pain News Network 12/14/2016

Quell Relieves Back Pain Without Medication

Like many people who suffer from chronic back pain, Greg Watson has tried a lot of different treatments, including physical therapy, soft tissue manipulation, chiropractic adjustments, trigger point injections and dry needling.

“I did trigger point injections with really big needles,” says Watson, whose back was broken in four places when his bike was hit by a car in 2011. “A lot of interesting ways of relieving pain by triggering an even bigger pain. Some of those things would work temporarily.”

Watson spent five days in the hospital after the accident, where he was “pumped full of morphine.” When he was finally released and sent home, the 45-year old Watson was determined to avoid taking more pain medication. That meant trying all of those alternative therapies, with little success, and living for years with intermittent pain that sometimes reached a 6 or 7 on the pain scale.

A friend recommended that Watson try Quell, a battery powered medical device worn below the knee that uses electric nerve stimulation to relieve pain throughout the body — a therapy known as neuromodulation.

“I felt it and noticed something right away,” says Watson. “It feels a little bit like pins and needles, and it kind of comes in little waves or pulses. Very low amounts of electricity coming into you.”

It took a couple of days for Watson to feel some pain relief. The biggest improvement he noticed was that he slept better.

“I would go home and put it on for a few hours and then be able to get a full night’s sleep without having to wake up with leg discomfort in the middle of the night,” said Watson, a city planner in Boston who is an avid runner and bicyclist.

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