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Mac Sources 02/05/2016

Quell Relief Wearable Pain Relief Review

Quell Relief Wearable Pain Relief provides 100% drug-free pain relief.

I’ve been suffering from chronic pain since 1997. I had an ACL reconstruction surgery due to ripping my ACL completely in half. Less than a year later, I had a second ACL surgery on the same knee. The pain I deal with daily from arthritis and scar tissue build-up is absolutely miserable. I’ve been on a pain medicine regiment for years and it’s something I hate. I dislike the idea of taking pills to help take the edge off the pain in my leg. I’ve tried many alternatives like exercise, therapy, tens units, massages, and acupuncture therapy, but when the weather changes nothing seems to help.

Last year, a new product hit the market called Quell. Quell is what is known as a wearable intensive nerve stimulation (WINS) unit. It’s 100% drug-free and is designed to help manage chronic pain. The unit is designed to help with people who have chronic back, arthritis, nerve, leg, and foot pain. You can use it 24 hours a day including when you sleep and using it is actually quite simple. The system is a three-part wearable device. The first part is the Quell Device.

The Quell Device is the ‘brain’ of the system. It controls the strength of the current and communications via Bluetooth back to your smart phone. The device has a rechargeable battery that will run for an average of 30 hours on a single charge. There is also an accelerometer that monitors activity levels to determine the appropriate therapy level. The device will also help to measure your sleep patterns. Operation of the device is easy. You simply tap the button on the side to turn it on, hold it in to increase the intensity, tap it again to decrease the intensity, and tap the button four times to turn it off.

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