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Mac Sources 09/20/2018

Quell 2 REVIEW More Refined in a Smaller Package

When I first saw the news the NeuroMetrix released an updated version of their wearable pain relief device the Quell, I was ecstatic as I am a super fan of the first GEN Quell. The Quell has taken me to a new place in my life. I’m no longer riddled with pain and I’ve been at ease. I have days that my leg pain comes on so strong that even with the Quell I can still feel it but for the most part, that is few and far between.

Quell’s website states that the Quell 2.0 is more than a wearable device. It’s a comprehensive system to help you reclaim your life from pain. Users are instructed to use Quell daily to maximize your results. A Quell device works by stimulating sensory nerves in your calf and send neural pulses back to the brain, which activates the body’s natural pain blockers to relieve chronic pain.

Quell 2.0 is smarter, more powerful, and 50% smaller than the original version of the device. The Quell Relief app is at the core of the Quell system. It manages your personalized Quell system so that it works best for you. The app allows users to calibrate the Quell device, start and stop therapy sessions, and adjust the intensity of therapy. You can also enable Therapy Automation feature, which makes Quell more integrated into your lifestyle. The app will help you track weather changes as that can affect your pain level.

The Quell system consists of the Quell 2.0 device, 1 electrode, Quell 2.0 standard band, and the companion app.


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