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Rediff 01/06/2016

Mind Blowing Gadgets You’d Love to Own!

As this year progressed, technology became more personal – tracking your every move, devices talking to each other and uploading details to the cloud to interpret the data in multiple ways.

From the Nest thermostat to the Philips Hue lighting system, connected security systems to the June connected oven, the past year has seen the launch of several such devices, though many haven’t reached India yet.

Next year still might not see the refrigerator ordering milk when you run out of it, but your oven would detect what food you put in, weigh it, and suggest a recipe.

Fiction? The June oven does the first two, while you can look for recipes on its app. It shouldn’t take long for someone to make it all automatic, should it?

If you’re a fan of hosting barbecues, but hate standing by the grill and missing out on all the juicy gossip, your prayers might be answered in the coming year.

The iGrill2, a grilling thermometer with a 200-hour battery life, allows users to leave their meat which can be monitored from a smartphone.

The thermometer can be connected via Bluetooth and comes with a free app which can monitor up to four temperatures at a time.

Quell Wearable Pain Relief

And, although not a fitness band in the strictest sense, Quell is one product to look out for in 2016. It is a band designed to provide drug-free pain relief through wearable intensive nerve stimulation.

Those suffering from conditions such as fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and sciatica can make use of this band and get some pain relief.

The band can also connect to a smartphone to keep track of therapy sessions, monitor quality of sleep and store data on the Quell HealthCloud via its app.

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