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WCVB BOSTON 10/30/2017

Made in Mass: Quell Pain Relief

Wearable Pain Relief Technology

Beyond having a little fun with the usual hairnet requirements, what’s happening inside this Woburn clean room is very serious business. Chronic pain is really an epidemic.

Frank McGillin is chief commercial officer at NeuroMetrix. Here, technicians are assembling what may be a ground-breaking alternative to drugs when it comes to treating chronic pain it’s called Quell. It’s unique in the fact that we use neuro-stimulation basically to trigger the body’s natural pain mechanism.

This unit is a little larger than a credit card and it’s strapped around your leg. On the strap are a series water based jell packets that contain tiny silver electrodes. So, the gel sticks to the skin and transfer the electrical stimulation. those silver grids here are what delivers the charge. Reporter that charge, or essentially high frequency message, is sent to the brain and in turn, relief is delivered to where ever the pain exists in the body. Just like when you take a pill, you don’t swallow it because you have a stomach ache. You swallow it to get to the blood stream. Here you wear it on the leg to access the central nervous system.

Around 100 million American suffer from some type of chronic pain and they are spending an estimated $680 billion to treat it. At this Massachusetts manufacturer, the hope is more people will move away from potential addictive opioids and turn to a new technology to find relief the FDA has given a clearance for the stimulation process, and at least one study found 80% of people with lower back pain who tried it found relief and reduced medication.

So what we’re trying to do is educate that there is a lot of science behind this. that it’s clinically proven and making sure that we’re getting doctors to recommend it so that it becomes as normal as taking pills and calling your doctor in the morning. reporter they just reach a major milestone in the company’s history. they just shipped their 100,000 unit.


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