Digital Health Summit 01/09/2019

Jane Sarasohn Kahn 1:1 With Trailblazing Retailers

Digital Health Summit @ CES

We’ve invited one of consumer health’s foremost experts and global advisors to share her astute analysis on the massive surge of healthcare in retail. Joining her are two progressive-thinking digital health CEO’s who are changing the way consumers access the critical healthcare tools they need. Discover their challenges and triumphs as they navigate the wild wild west of retail health.

Digital Health Summit, produced by Living in Digital Times, convenes one of the broadest spectrum of health care and technology audiences in the world. The Summit features innovations and advancements in genomics, diagnostics, wearables, telehealth and more in the mobile health market. This is a must see event each year that takes place at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.


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