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C|NET 01/10/2015

Here’s the innovative CES tech you almost missed

LAS VEGAS — Tech West, the new expo space at CES, is where the quirky stuff lives. Away from big names like Intel, Samsung and LG, Tech West is where startups gather to showcase products you’ve likely never heard of.

To tackle the sea of bustling up-and-comers, CNET invited these companies to pitch their products at our Tech West booth. To qualify, a company had to have a working prototype we could demo right there at the show.

Most, if not all, of the products in this collection went through a rigorous pitch process to earn their spot on the CNET stage.

As always, CNET’s buying recommendations (or lack thereof) will come if and when we can give these products a full, rated review following in-depth hands-on testing. In the meantime, these are the Tech West products that looked to have the most potential during the brief time we got our hands on them at the booth — the ones we’ll be checking back in on later in 2015.

A wearable device for pain relief

You don’t necessarily need pharmaceuticals to relieve chronic nerve pain. Quell, an over-the-counter medical device, uses well-established TENS technology to tell your body to release pain-relieving opioids.

The passport-sized device is controlled by an accompanying app that can be used to set your session length, track sessions over time and monitor the device’s battery life. The company currently sells a comparable prescription version of the product, but Quell will be available online to anyone who wants it.

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