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Consumer Technology Association 11/29/2017

How Digital Therapeutic Tech is Revolutionizing Personal Health

Millions of Americans’ health is at risk today, but there is an easy solution – technology. Consider that 75 million Americans have hypertension according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. An additional one in three Americans have prehypertension- blood pressure numbers that are higher than normal. Patients with prehypertension can make lifestyle changes to lower blood pressure naturally and prevent full blown hypertension.

But for most people behavior change is hard. Behavior change is possible though, if it is easier for individuals to measure and track progress.

That’s where an emerging category of health technology called digital therapeutics comes in. Digital therapeutics, commonly defined as technology that can improve a person’s health equal to a drug, but without the same costs and side-effects, can empower individuals to change their behavior and improve their health. With the use of digital therapeutics individuals can manage chronic conditions and try alternate treatments to accompany or even replace pharmaceuticals.

Here are three examples of Consumer Technology Association (CTA) member companies making a difference in lives with digital therapeutics:

2breathe Technologies created RESPeRate, a solution for individuals to manage hypertension through timed breathing exercises that naturally lower heartrate and blood pressure. Remember being told to breathe slowly and count to ten when you are stressed? That could have been the best advice you ever received if you’re hypertensive.

Livongo, created a glucose meter and diabetes monitoring system that gives patients a connected platform with real-time coaching to prevent diabetic episodes and adjust insulin levels to improve health and well-being. The ability to control how you feel when you’ve been diagnosed with a disease that makes you feel powerless is unbelievably powerful.


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