Gadgets and Wearables 01/07/2019

Quell’s Drug-Free Pain Relief Solution

Wearable Pain Relief Technology

The world’s first pain relief wearable just got a lot better. Quell 2.0 is 50% smaller, 20% more powerful and has a more user-friendly app than its predecessor.

The gizmo is worn just below the knee regardless of where the pain might be, and activated by simply clicking a button. Quell taps into your body’s natural pain control system to block pain signals. It does this by sending neural pulses to the brain to trigger a more natural pain relief response in the central nervous system.

NeuroMetrix raised over $400,000 in 2016 to make their first generation drug-free, non-invasive, relief product a reality. The company is now at CES 2019 demonstrating Quell 2.0. The new version builds on the success of the original and is half in size yet 20% more powerful, meaning it is much less obtrusive when worn. NeuroMetrix says its technology is up to 10x more powerful than typical OTC TENS devices.

Quell is capable of relieving different types of chronic aches, including back pain, arthritis pain, nerve pain, leg and foot pain, among others. It uses machine learning on millions of data points from its users to deliver personalized and effective treatments.

Although some people feel relief the first day, it can take several weeks for those with long standing chronic pain to notice a reduction in their pain. Apparently, the sensation of using Quell can best be described as tingling, similar to the feeling you get when your leg ‘falls asleep’. The Company is introducing new functionality at CES that includes updates to the Quell app like coaching and an “Intensive Therapy” option.


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