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TidBITS 01/08/2019

CES Unveiled Kicks Off the Annual Gadget-fest

Consumer Electronics Show 2019

You can get a sense of how large CES is by the numbers. It’s the largest annual show in Las Vegas, and this year over 180,000 people are expected to be here. I have to share the 4500 exhibitors with 6500 of my colleagues—all of whom will be in line in front of me at the Starbucks at the convention center.

Media are invited to a smaller breakout show held on the first of two media days in advance of the main show. There are three such shows—the other two are not affiliated with CES—and every year I separate my coverage of them from the main floor.

These shows provide decent food and open bars to journalists—a very different experience from what we’ll get on the main floor—and there are far fewer booths to see, so you should know these companies get more press attention regardless of whether their products are any better. As usual, if any company offers me something of value, I’ll note that with a 🎁 emoji.

Nahimic Mac Sound Enhancer
It’s rare to see Mac-only software at CES, so I was doubly interested to hear about the Nahimic app 🎁 that improves the quality of sound on your Mac, as my ears are nothing to write home about (see “iOS Hearing Aids… or, How to Buy Superman’s Ears,” 8 February 2011). Unlike other software I’ve tried that requires you to fiddle with waveforms and frequency sliders, Nahimic’s interface is a simple sentence that you click on to set up your sound environment. On my MacBook Pro’s internal speakers, the volume boost is welcome, and I can detect an improvement in voice clarity when I have that option chosen—but I’ve given it only a few minutes of testing, and I’m looking forward to trying it out with various headsets. Shipping now, $34.99 per year with a 15-day free trial available in the App Store.


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