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engadget 12/07/2016

CES 2017 Wearables: The Future is Now

As CES celebrates 50 years of revealing the latest in technology one category stands out now more than ever. Although they have faced an uphill battle towards mainstream acceptance, wearables have evolved into something once only imagined in science fiction. Attendees of CES 2017 will be exposed to cutting edge advancements in wearable tech from both industry titans and recent Kickstarter successes. Here are some of the wearable innovations you can expect will be making waves throughout Las Vegas and the world January 5-8.

The Glasses
Vuzix Corporation has partnered with Austria’s ANYLINE to introduce the Vuzix M300, smartglasses with state of the art scanning and processing technology. The significant improvement from the M100 is primarily due to the most advanced Optical Character Recognition application, or OCR, the mobile industry has ever seen. This technology from ANYLINE is truly remarkable. The M300’s OCR rapidly captures and inputs visual data from car license plates, passports, utility meters and more. The smartglasses have already been used by Red Bull to scan voucher codes as part of a live marketing loyalty campaign.

Improving Life & Health

The wearables coming to CES in 2017 are as striking as they are impressive. Opticon Opn is a hearing aid that connects to the internet. This tiny contraption carries the potential to massively improve the lives of those suffering from hearing loss, giving users the ability to connect with smartphones and interpret noise from multiple speakers at once. Also worth noting is Quell, a wearable device from NeuroMetrix Inc. that provides pain relief without drugs. The FDA has approved Quell to be worn as often as needed and it is already relieving many afflicted with chronic pain.

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