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Huffington Post 12/18/2016

The Best Fitness and Health Products To Kickstart Your Year

With the start of a new year coming soon, use this season’s holiday promotions and deals to get yourself ready for 2017 and get acquainted with this past year’s most popular fitness products.

2017 Popular Fitness Products

Quell is a ground-breaking pain relief device using scientifically proven and patented OptiTherapy to make a pain relieving wearable, without any drugs. While at first glance it may look simple on the outside, Quell works wonders as it stimulates your sensory nerves that, in a signal cascade fashion, can block pain signals giving you a pain-free day. For the 1 in 3 Americans suffering from chronic pain, look no further than Quell to resolve your pain issues, no matter where on your body.

Moov Now is a revolutionary fitness tracker that moves beyond a typical wearable and transforms into your personal coach. By teaching you form and technique for exercises ranging from boxing to running, Moov has put your personal trainer on speed dial, with just the quick tap on an app to launch.

PhoneSoap 2.0 is by far one of the most needed products this year, especially with our growing addiction to our phones. Smartphones are a double-edged sword in that its versatility means it can be used for virtually anything, and at the same time collect bacteria that will stumble its way towards you. PhoneSoap’s solution is a UV sanitization product that will clean your phone in just 10 minutes, removing the filth that came from toilets, dirt, and more.

Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor is the perfect alternative to the most likely filthy public BPM’s located at drugstores, or the expensive variety made for consumer purchase. By harnessing the technology of your smartphone, this BPM cuff is medically approved to keep track of your blood pressure and helps you alert your physician of any changes in your cardiovascular health.

CliniCloud Kit is the go-to smart healthcare device that has completely redesigned the home health experience. With a kit complete with a stethoscope and thermometer, you can monitor and send off health reports to your doctor when anything is of concern. Combined with the app, CliniCloud has become the revolutionary smart first aid kit that will help you and your family keep track of their health.

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