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BostInno 01/06/2016

MIT Companies Presenting at CES

It’s that time of year when the world comes together for the sake of consumer electronics. That’s right, the Consumer Electronics Show (better known as CES) is underway in Las Vegas, and, as always, this year’s crop of companies is nothing short of impressive.

Dulcie Madden, co-founder of Mimo and (of course) an MIT alumna who has now been at CES three years in a row. According to her, this isn’t a phenomenon, but rather a given.

“MIT has such a strong blend of robotics, electrical engineering and software, which are big for consumer electronics,” she told me over the phone at CES. “So a ton of alumni end up starting or wanting to work at companies in this space. There are so many gadgets, games and cool things you can make, and that appeals to the average MIT grad.”

Given that insight, it seems that right off the bat, MIT has the consumer electronic space covered. But why do they all flock to CES? Although part of it is a pull to check out all of the amazing gadgets, Ecovent’s Founder and CEO Dipul Patel told me there’s more to it than that. It’s all about meetings.


This wearable medical device company specializes in – as you can gather from the name – anything relating to neurology. Its gadgets allow medical care providers to assess and manage patients’ sleep and neurological disorders, as well as chronic pain.

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