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Mobile Syrup 01/05/2016

6 Tech Trends Coming Out of CES Unveiled

CES hasn’t even begun yet, but we got a sneak peek at some of the technologies that will be on the showroom floor at CTA’s (formally CEA) largest CES in its 49-year history. This year, 150,000 exhibitors will fill up over 2.4 million square feet of space in Las Vegas (the equivalent of 50 football fields), and if the tech at last night’s CES Unveiled event is any indicator, we spotted nine trends to watch in consumer electronics.

Accessories That Put Your Body Into VR

Virtual reality is expected to have a banner year this year, with CTA forecasting 1.2 million units to be sold, amassing $540 million in revenue. But as immersive as VR is visually, the current experience for the rest of our body is lacking. This poses a massive opportunity for the VR accessories market and at CES Unveiled we saw a number of companies working on putting the rest of you in a virtual world. 3DRudder is bringing VR to your feet.

It’s a discus-shaped device that allows you use your feet to control a VR experience. To move forward, you tilt the device forward; to move to the right, you tilt the device to the right, and so on. The device easily maps onto any experience that currently uses a keyboard, and the best part is that you can walk for miles in VR and never get tired because this controller is meant to be used sitting down.

Wearables That Make You Well

Wearable tech definitely had a strong showing at this year’s CES Unveiled, with the majority of the devices focused on fitness and health. Pain relief wearables, Quell and ReliefBand, a wrist-worn wearable aimed at treating nausea, were examples of wearables that go beyond quantification to actually affect the way you feel.

While startups like VERT, Misfit and Skulpt represented devices that measure its wearers’ bodies to equip them with information to better their performance or overall health.

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