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CRN 01/04/2017

30 Products at CES Unveiled

Consumer Electronics Show 2017

The CES Unveiled show floor was buzzing Tuesday evening with new Internet of Things, mobile and virtual reality products.

CES Unveiled is the chance for vendors to show off their newest gadgets to the media ahead of CES 2017, which kicks off this week in Las Vegas.

This year, vendors didn’t disappoint in showing off their coolest – and in some cases, just downright strange – gadgets. From a connected bed that warms your feet, to a smart hair brush that warns you when you’re brushing too much, here are 30 of the craziest products CRN saw on the CES Unveiled show floor.


Quell is a wearable device that helps those who suffer from chronic pain by using electrical stimulation to trigger a response in the brain, ultimately blocking pain signals.

The device, worn on the upper calf, is ultimately five times more powerful than other over-the-counter pain relief devices, according to its developer, Waltham, Mass.-based NeuroMetrix.

Sleep Number 360 SmartBed

Sleep Number has introduced the next generation of its connected bed – Sleep Number 360 SmartBed. Like its predecessor, this smart bed can self-adjust throughout the night to match the sleeper’s movements and patterns.  However, Sleep Number has made the smart bed even smarter. For example, if you snore while sleeping, the bed will sense this and adjust itself to lessen the snoring.

The new bed also comes with foot warming technology, warming up the feet while the user is falling alseep and then turning off once they are in dreamland. The new smart bed will be available in the first half of 2017, according to a representative. The price has not yet been finalized.

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