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CRN 01/04/2015

25 Hot Products At CES 2015

Consumer Electronics Show 2015

CES 2015’s Top 25 Product Announcements

Buckle up! The 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show is about to begin. Next week, CRN will be reporting from Las Vegas and diving headfirst into a digital sea of gadgets, laptops, car tech and much more. Following along as CRN brings you the demos, keynotes, captures the excitement and reports on the new technologies that will shape 2015.

But why wait? Here is a first take at CES 2015, where you’ll get a sneak-peek overview on everything from Android Auto, to Intel’s Broadwell blitz, to new commercial drone technology debuting at the mammoth trade show from Jan. 6 to 9.

From smartwatches that can park your car for you, to blazing-fast USB 3.1 devices, to ruggedized Chromebooks, this year’s CES has something for everyone.

Quell Wearable Pain Relief Technology

You’ve heard of wearable fitness trackers, but you may not be familiar with wearable pain relief. Medical device makers are cracking into the booming digital wearable gadget space with a Quell. This device is a wearable pain relief device this is meant to be worn day or night for pain management. The device can dispense pain meds and allows you to keep track of dosage via a smartphone app.

Broadwell Debut

CES will be Intel’s springboard for its Broadwell microprocessor. Part of the Haswell family of chips, this Broadwell blitz from Intel will come from large PC makers that are all expected to announce shipping units using the chip. This long-delayed, fifth-generation of Core i-series chips (i3/i5/i7) promise a number of advances over Intel’s previous generation chip (Ivy Bridge) that include significantly improved battery life for PCs running the processor, along with meaningful (but not breathtaking) performance increases.

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