Cool Things 01/23/2019

20 Health And Fitness Gadgets Revealed At CES 2019

Every year at the Consumer Electronics Show, the big brands and aspiring startups never fail to impress the crowd with innovative launches. CES 2019 was no different as the launches focused a lot of making your home smarter, your life easier and most importantly, building a healthy lifestyle for people living in this gadget-driven world.

This big list of 20 amazing health and fitness gadgets revealed at CES explores a handpicked collection of great products showcased during the event that we think you might actually incorporate in your daily routine. While some of them are still Kickstarter projects, the companies managed to show prototypes and many of them are heading to an online store real soon.

The Kettlebell Connect is a smart gym equipment designed and sold by JAXJOX. Before you explore various features of this product, you have to know that it costs a whopping $350 and that’s a lot of money for a weight lifting equipment. Instead of the person having to manually keep track of reps, sets and the time spent in lifting weights, the kettle weight will do it all and send it to the JAXJOX smartphone app.

When the product gets launched, it will have 40 different workout classes integrated into it that fitness lovers can use to lose weight or build muscles. We definitely need one in our workplace because many of the health-conscious gym goers tend to cheat a lot but they can’t anymore as the app keeps track of it all. Instead of having your own personal trainer or pay for a gym subscription that you hardly make use of, we could definitely suggest the Kettlebell Connect.


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