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HuffPost India 01/25/2016

12 Seriously Cool Products From CES

Consumer Electronics Show 2016

The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show is over but it left the trail of numerous products launched in each sector. From cars to a smart home, from drones to Virtual Reality headsets, there were a lot of cool products at the floor in Las Vegas. We take a dip into exploring some of the amazing products on the show.

Quell pain relief : The quell pain relief band which gives therapy will now have advanced sleep tracking ability and extended battery life.

Razer Gaming Products: Razer had a blast at CES by showing a lot of products off, but their stars were the gaming laptop Razer Stealth and the gaming PC Razer core. Both of these high-end products won several applauds and awards from the whole tech world. Buoyant from the success they have announced a 24 hour 50 percent sale.

Lego WeDo 2.0 : Lego has been a favorite of millions from years. They had initiated a smart learning program of combining Lego bricks with software. So the second version of the WeDo program launched at CES brings more to the table. Now more platforms are supported apart from Windows and iOS. You can control your project with Bluetooth instead of USB wire. And there are more lego bricks too.

Sphero BB8 – Spehro has been a very popular robot not only amongst enthusiasts but also consumers. So on the event of star wars, they came out with a BB8 sphero that was controlled by an app. But what they showed at CES was that they have launched a band called ‘Force band’ which will control the movement of the bot. You can check out this cool video which shows the force band in action.

Did you spot something cool at CES? Let us know.

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