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Kay's Adaptable Adventures 11/29/2016

100% Natural Pain Relief: Quell Pain Relief Technology

Earlier this month we apparently had the biggest and brightest Supermoon that has appeared since 1948! My numerous social media news-feeds erupted with information on the November Supermoon and gorgeous picture after gorgeous picture snapped by friends, professional photographers, and different people from around the world.

There has always been stigma around full and new moons, especially when it comes to people becoming a little crazy or erratic with their behavior.

While some people have looked at me like I’m crazy when I bring it up, my fellow spoonies and chronically ill comrades will agree that the full moon and new moons’ effects are very real for us and bring a whole new set of difficulties to our day-to-day lives.

This Supermoon was absolutely beautiful and majestic but boy did it really amp up my pain level for several days! Depending on the person, thankfully we only have to deal with that enhanced level once, maybe twice a month for a few days but sadly, we do have to deal with our unending regular chronic pain every day of our lives.

Hence why we all go through many different things to find some semblance of relief even if it’s only just a small amount, which is why when given the opportunity to try Quell, a drug-free wearable pain relief unit through the Chronic Illness Bloggers platform I was extremely interested, especially with me wanting to start traveling.

Quell is a natural pain relief system that sits on your upper calf and uses electrodes to stimulate your own sensory nerves which in turn travel and carry those neural pulses to your brain.

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