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CRN 01/10/2017

10 Wearable Devices at CES 2017

CES 2017

Wearable devices stole the show at CES 2017 — but the products vendors are showcasing this year are much different than the traditional, fitness tracking smartwatches consumers have seen in the past.

The definition of a “wearable” connected device is extending far beyond just a wristwatch. At this year’s CES, attendees saw connected shirts and headsets. In addition, wearable devices are functioning as more than fitness trackers—they now are pairing as blood pressure monitors or anti-nausea connected devices.

From the Casio WSD-F20 Smartwatch to the BACTrack Mobile, here are the 10 coolest wearables we saw at this year’s CES.

Xenoma E-Skin

Imagine the ability to track your motions and activities without any hefty wearables or headsets — just through a shirt. This is the goal behind Tokyo-based Xenoma’s e-skin, a lightweight shirt that tracks motion through a “human-friendly” interface.

The machine-washable, durable e-skin can be used for gaming and VR experiences, fitness and health care. Xenoma e-skin, which will launch in February for an undisclosed price, includes the e-skin shirt, one e-skin hub and an SDK interface unity platform.


Quell is a wearable device that helps those who suffer from chronic pain by using electrical stimulation to trigger a response in the brain, ultimately blocking pain signals. The device, worn on the upper calf, is ultimately 5X more powerful than other over-the-counter pain relief devices, according to its developer, Waltham, Mass.-based NeuroMetrix.

The Massachusetts-based company launched the second generation of the FDA-cleared device at CES, and it’s available for $249.

Casio WSD-F20 Smartwatch

Casio typically uses the CES show floor to unveil its newest rugged smartwatch, and this year was no exception.

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