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Appcessories 01/10/2016

10 Smart Devices That Are Changing Healthcare

Although the idea of the ultimate connected hospital was conceived a while back (several decades ago), it is only recently that it has taken shape as far as it’s entire or partial implementation goes. And this is courtesy of emerging technology, digital health and the inception of the IoT (The Internet of Things) which has made it easier to integrate smart wearable medical devices to the Internet and in effect fuse communication with functionality.

So, without much further ado, here are the top 10 wearable and smart medical devices today.


It might be your run-of-the-mill medical connected device, but Quell Relief is one of the smart health-related pain relief wearables that is taking the functionality of knee braces to the next level.

The brace, which is Bluetooth compatible, is engineered and designed to give stability to patients experiencing knee defects and problems. But unlike the typical brace, Quell relief has inbuilt sensors that collect data for smart record keeping. Information that is accessible via a companion app that comes with the brace.

The brace also has an innovative pain-relief button feature that can be used to smother painful muscular spasms associated with most knee ailments. All this is topped with a portable light battery that can power the device for up to 40 hours continuously.


Although the cost to research and develop connected medical devices and wearable smart health gadgets is often prohibitive most of the time, the convenience, functionality and expediency accorded by such technology is indispensable, especially considering the alternative (managing and tracking vitals manually).

Not only the manual/conventional way slow and cumbersome but also subject to human error, inaccuracy, and other unavoidable inconsistencies. The only shortcoming of connected medical devices is the initial cost of setting up and integrate a system to a private network such as a hospital’s WiFi. Which can easily spiral to several hundred pounds at the very least.

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