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Massachusetts company creates wearable drug-free device to treat pain

Massachusetts company creates wearable drug-free device to treat pain

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Week In Wearables: Apple Watch 4 ECG, Boston Doc And Quell, Spire Health Tag Reviewed

"This week in wearable tech: Apple Watch Series 4 ECG delayed, a Boston doctor has an imaginative response to the opioid crisis and Spire's Health Tag is checked out."

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Stigma Faced by Those With Chronic Pain Around Opioids

"Are people who take opioids for dealing with chronic pain being stigmatized by the opioid crisis? Frank McGillin, COO of Waltham-based NeuroMetrix, gives his take."

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Fighting Chronic Pain Is an Individual Battle

"The study leveraged the Quell® Health Cloud, which connects with the Quell wearable pain relief device and its companion smartphone app."

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FDA Approves Device To Treat Chronic Pain Without Pills

"The Quell, a revolutionary wearable device is providing patients with relief from a number of conditions."

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New Device Claims It Can Relieve Chronic Pain

"FDA cleared device could be an innovative way to help control chronic pain for sufferers."

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Ideo Helps Design A Wearable To Treat Chronic Pain

"Quell, a pain-zapping sports band, shows the rich potential of wearables in healthcare."

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Top 10 wearable tech gadgets to watch in 2015

"Rather than focusing on tracking your daily activities or acting as a digital assistant, Quell is a wearable meant to help people who suffer from chronic pain conditions."

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Top health and fitness tech from CES 2015

"...we found some fascinating new devices in the health and fitness categories that offered unique takes on what defines wearables as a category."

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Here's the innovative CES tech you almost missed

"Away from big names like Intel, Samsung and LG, Tech West--the new expo space at CES--is where startups gather to showcase products you’ve likely never heard of..."

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Techlicious - 04/29/2019

Review of the Quell 2.0 Wearable Pain Relief Device

When NeuroMetrix first unveiled the Quell a few years...

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NPR Tech Nation - 01/29/2019

PAIN – When You Don’t Feel It, and When You Can’t Stop

On this week’s Tech Nation, Moira speaks...

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Business Today India - 01/25/2019

Healthcare @CES 2019 – Innovative Wearables & Devices

Healthcare wearables and devices are increasingly becoming...

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Cool Things - 01/23/2019

20 Health And Fitness Gadgets Revealed At CES 2019

Every year at the Consumer Electronics Show,...

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CRN - 01/22/2019

AI-Powered Wearable for Chronic Pain

NeuroMetrix is out with its latest wearable...

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Wearable Technologies - 01/22/2019

Quell 2.0 Wearable AI Pain Relief Technology at CES 2019

NeuroMetrix, an innovation-driven healthcare company combining bioelectrical...

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This Week in Machine Learning & AI - 01/21/2019

AI Innovation at CES – TWiML Talk #222

Consumer Electronics Show CES is one of...

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Well Connected Mom - 01/18/2019

Top 5 Tech Product Trends at CES 2019

Every year we identify the top 5...

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Wicked Local - 01/18/2019

Four Notes on Area Businesses for Jan. 18, 2019

NeuroMetrix announces CES highlights The Waltham-based NeuroMetrix...

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ZDNet - 01/17/2019

NeuroMetrix CEO Reflects on the Art of AI

Identifying cat pictures is a no-brainer for AI,...

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CRN - 01/16/2019

10 Wearable Devices at CES 2019

CRN looks at 10 of the coolest...

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Digital Trends - 01/16/2019

Trends, Products, and Gadgets

Consumer Electronics Show 2019 With over 4,400...

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Medgadget - 01/16/2019

NeuroMetrix Introduces AI for Pain Relief at CES

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a...

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Digital Health Summit Live - 01/14/2019

Interview With Dr. Shai Gozani

Digital Health Summit @ CES The Digital...

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NTCA - 01/14/2019

CES: Managing the Human Condition Through Technology

Last week, we discussed affective AI, which...

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Geek News Central - 01/11/2019

CES Day 1 Live Coverage of CES 2019

CES Day 1 coverage - starts at...

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MobiHealthNews - 01/11/2019

Consumer Health Data Dominated CES 2019

CES 2019 is in its waning days,...

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PC Mag - 01/11/2019

The Best Wearables of CES 2019

CES is a place for new and...

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Becker's Health Review - 01/10/2019

Products honored by the CES Innovation Awards Program

Blood pressure monitors, prosthetic limbs and smart...

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Digital Health Summit - 01/09/2019

Jane Sarasohn Kahn 1:1 With Trailblazing Retailers

Digital Health Summit @ CES We’ve invited...

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Wired - 01/09/2019

CES LiveBlog: Robots, Flying Cars, and a Gazillion Gadgets

Welcome to day three of our CES 2019 liveblog....

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Washington Times - 01/09/2019

Chronic Pain Technological Option to Opioids

LAS VEGAS — Ask legal opioid users...

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Digital Trends - 01/09/2019

CES 2019 Health Gadgets Combat Stress, Pain, and More

Technology is supposed to make our lives...

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Newsy - 01/09/2019

Personal Health Tech Makes Promising Strides

Consumer Electronics Show Health and wellness technology...

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WUSA 9 - 01/09/2019

Latest and Greatest Tech Products From CES 2019

Quell Pain Relief Technology Tech expert Jennifer...

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iLounge - 01/08/2019

Quell 2.0 with AI-powered therapy for chronic pain sufferers

Health technology company NeuroMetrix has just released Quell...

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TidBITS - 01/08/2019

CES Unveiled Kicks Off the Annual Gadget-fest

Consumer Electronics Show 2019 You can get...

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Gadgets and Wearables - 01/07/2019

Quell’s Drug-Free Pain Relief Solution

Wearable Pain Relief Technology The world’s first...

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Digital Health Age - 01/07/2019

Smart Wearable Launched to Combat Chronic Pain

Healthcare company NeuroMetrix has launched an updated...

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MacSources - 01/07/2019

AI, Coaching and New Therapy Option to Quell 2.0

The smart wearable harnessing the power of...

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Journal of mHealth - 01/07/2019

Smart Wearable Harnesses the Power of Neurostimulation

NeuroMetrix has unveiled its smartest, smallest and...

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iMore - 01/06/2019

Therapeutic Wearable Quell Gets Major Update

Chronic pain can be more than just...

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Ubergizmo - 01/06/2019

Quell 2.0 Introduces A Smarter Way For Pain Relief

CES 2019 There are several ways that...

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Geekspin - 01/06/2019

Quell’s 2.0 Is Now More Powerful Thanks To AI

The maker of the pain relief wearable...

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Gear Diary - 01/06/2019

Quell 2.0 Adds AI, Coaching, and Therapy for Pain Relief

Dan recently reviewed the Quell 2.0 and found it...

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