Quell in the Media

Top 10 Healthcare Predictions For 2016

"As 2015 comes to a close, Frost & Sullivan experts and thought leaders gather together to predict the top 10 trends to expect during the coming year."

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Ideo Helps Design A Wearable To Treat Chronic Pain

"Quell, a pain-zapping sports band, shows the rich potential of wearables in healthcare."

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Top 10 wearable tech gadgets to watch in 2015

"Rather than focusing on tracking your daily activities or acting as a digital assistant, Quell is a wearable meant to help people who suffer from chronic pain conditions."

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Top health and fitness tech from CES 2015

"...we found some fascinating new devices in the health and fitness categories that offered unique takes on what defines wearables as a category."

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Here's the innovative CES tech you almost missed

"Tech West, the new expo space at CES, is where the quirky stuff lives. Away from big names like Intel, Samsung and LG, Tech West is where startups gather to showcase products you’ve likely never heard of..."

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Quell news

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WCVB BOSTON - 10/30/2017

Made in Mass.: Quell

A Massachusetts company says it has a...

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NBC Boston - 10/23/2017

Wearable Pain Device Manages Chronic Pain Without Medication

In this installment of the Wellness Report,...

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U.S. News - 09/07/2017

Chronic Pain Management: Moving Beyond Opioids

For years, physicians have relied on opioids as the...

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CNNtech - 08/04/2017

Amid Opioid Crisis, Some Patients Turn to Tech Alternatives

David Nipple was riding his motorcycle on...

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FOX25 News - 07/24/2017

Waltham company behind drug-free pain relieving device

Local company is behind a wearable device...

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Endgadget - 07/10/2017

Can tech replace painkillers?

Jennifer Kain Kilgore was 17 when she...

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WGBH News - 06/20/2017

Quelling Chronic Pain Without Prescription Drugs

Hospital visits due to prescription pain killers...

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Boston Magazine - 06/06/2017

This Device Promises Drug-Free Pain Relief

What if there were an alternative to...

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Bloomberg - 06/02/2017

The Bloomberg Baystate Business Hour: The Brain and Pain

Bloomberg Boston Bureau Chief Tom Moroney and...

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Mental Floss - 05/09/2017

This Wearable Device Can Reduce Chronic Pain, No Drugs Required

There are no easy treatment options for...

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Huffington Post - 05/08/2017

Ultimate Tech Gifts for Mom – Mother’s Day 2017

I used to always get my mom...

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WMAQ NBC Chicago - 05/06/2017

Weekend Web: Mother’s Day Tech

Mother's Day is right around the corner...

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MedCity News - 04/19/2017

What motivated these wearable tech entrepreneurs to help aging populations?

Last week, we published the winners of a...

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Los Angeles Times - 04/06/2017

10 high-tech gadgets to help you get to sleep

We’re losing sleep over … sleep. Blame...

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The Huffington Post - 03/30/2017

Me vs. Fibromyalgia: Part 18 — 3 Key Devices to Relieve Chronic Pain

On Monday night, I was relaxing on...

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Tom's Guide - 03/18/2017

Pain Relief Tech Sounds Great, But Does It Really Work?

As anyone who suffers from chronic pain...

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CNBC - 03/07/2017

This Pain Relief Wearable Can Cure You Without Meds

This 100% drug-free wearable claims to relieve...

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The Longevity Network - 02/28/2017

Guest Voices: Dr. Shai Gozani of NeuroMetrix On Thinking Beyond a “one size fits all” Approach to Treating Chronic Pain

As it stands, more than 1.5 billion...

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Fox News - 02/06/2017

3 Amazing New Gadgets to Relieve Aches & Pains

If you suffer from aches, pains or...

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Scoop OTP - 02/02/2017

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For The Heart Healthy Techie

Atlanta-based tech writer Rick Limpert shares some...

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Women's Health - 01/27/2017

5 Health Trackers That Go Way Beyond Counting Steps

You don't need a 10,000-steps-a-day goal to...

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The Dr. Oz Show - 01/10/2017

An Inside Look at the Latest Health Tech

Dr. Oz presents the new gadgets and...

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CRN - 01/10/2017

10 Wearables That Stole The Show At CES 2017

Wearables stole the show at CES 2017...

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Digital Trends - 01/10/2017

These 5 gadgets will relieve even the severest of chronic pain

Many 10s of millions of Americans suffer...

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Mashable - 01/06/2017

This band helps relieve pain, no drugs required

'Quell' is a wearable band that can...

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CNBC - 01/05/2017

Tech devices to treat chronic pain could curb opioid use

In 2014 radio producer Coy Dean was...

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Reviewed.com - 01/05/2017

Could this wearable solve chronic pain?

Chronic pain is no joke. At best,...

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ABC News - 01/04/2017

CES 2017 Highlighted by Helpful Robots, Smart Hairbrushes, Flying Cameras

The concept of the "smart home," a...

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CRN - 01/04/2017

30 Cutting-Edge Products On The CES Unveiled Show Floor

The CES Unveiled show floor was buzzing...

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BostInno - 01/04/2017

Here Are 8 MIT Alumni Companies at CES This Year

Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)...

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CRN - 01/02/2017

30 Hot Products At CES 2017

Brace yourself: The annual gadget extravaganza that...

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