Backed by over 20 years of Neurotechnology Research

Our mission at NeuroMetrix is to improve health through technology and empower people to reclaim their lives. We are rooted in science and have deep clinical expertise.

Backed by over 20 years of Neurotechnology Research

Clinically Proven Technology

But don’t just take our word for it, browse through the growing number of published studies, white papers and abstracts which are foundational to efficacy of Quell technology:

Selected posters and abstracts

Levels and Predictors of Activity in Users of Wearable Neurostimulators with Chronic Pain.

American Academy of Pain Medicine Annual Meeting, April 2018

Dose-Response of Surface Neurostimulation in Chronic Pain

American Pain Society Scientific Summit, March 2018

Pilot of Sleep/Wake Classification by Leg-Worn Actigraphy.

Abstract to American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting, April 2018

Quell technology has been covered in a variety of national news outlets and newspapers too.

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Try Quell for yourself

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Quell is 100% drug free, clinically proven technology, designed to treat multiple types and sources of chronic pain. It is designed to work with you during the day while active, or at night while sleeping. Quell is the only over the counter pain relief device that is FDA cleared for use while sleeping.

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