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Powerful neurotechnology activates the power inside you to block chronic pain

Quell's 100% drug free, clinically proven technology stimulates the sensory nerves in your calf sending neural pulses to your brain that trigger your body's natural pain blockers.

Designed for multiple types and sources of chronic pain.

Quell's prescription strength neurotechnology designed for multiple types and sources of chronic pain. The Quell system is FDA cleared for use during the day while active, or at night while sleeping, and is personalized for your needs to manage chronic pain. What's more, it's proven to work.

improvement in chronic pain

In a published study, 4 out 5 people reported an improvement in chronic pain.1

Try Quell 2.0 Now Risk Free

Try Quell 2.0 Now Risk Free

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Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

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Quell Brochure

Quell Brochure

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Overrides Pain Signals

My Quell was easy to calibrate and position on my calf. My chronic back pain seemed to blur down in intensity. After about two weeks of daily wear, the pain relief was unbelievable. I wear it constantly even when wearing skirts and heels. The real test came the day I forgot to put it on and had a difficult time getting through my normal routine. For non-medicated chronic pain relief, there is nothing more effective than Quell.2

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