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Chronic pain is more than just pain

One in three Americans suffers from chronic pain.1 Chronic pain is defined as pain lasting more than 3 months, and pain can interfere with your daily activities, impact your mood, and prevent you from sleeping soundly. Quell is FDA cleared to manage chronic pain and may be right for you.

Chronic Pain

Reclaim what chronic pain has taken from you

Living with chronic pain can be devastating. Even getting out of bed in the morning can be difficult. Pain affects all aspects of your life – your ability to work, to be in relationships with other people, to exercise, and to sleep. It can also produce feelings of depression and anxiety.

To achieve best results when treating chronic pain, experts recommend a multidisciplinary approach, which could include taking medications, getting enough sleep, staying active, and using new technologies such as Quell 2.0 to find out what works best for you. Due to the nature of chronic pain, it may take several weeks to achieve results.

Learning about the various options you have to manage your chronic pain can be motivating and empowering. Don’t give up. We are here for you.

Now there’s Quell 2.0

Quell is an innovative, 100% drug free system, which uses prescription strength nerve stimulation to block chronic pain. Everyone experiences chronic pain differently. That is why we offer Quell with a 60 day money back guarantee, giving you enough time to try it risk free.

81% of Users

reported an
improvement in chronic pain, in a published study.2

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Try Quell 2.0 Now Risk Free

60-day Money Back Guarantee

He Simply Lost Hope Until Quell

For two years, my husband was in severe pain due to nerve damage from shingles. His pain was excruciating … Within one hour of starting Quell, his pain went from an 8 to a very mild 1. He is happy and slowly returning to the person his family loves!

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