Quell has changed my life no exaggeration.

- April J. Facebook reviewer.

[With Quell,…]. I take at least half the OTC pain medicine, have more energy, sleep much better, ache less, get stiff less often and feel happier than in a long time.

- Trisha G. Facebook review

For non-medicated chronic pain relief, there is nothing more effective than Quell.

- Amazon Review

My mom suffers from stenosis, sciatica, and neuropathy type pain.. Within two days, she was back to her normal energetic self and pain free…Thank you Quell for giving me my mom back!!!

- Marian H. review

From the first night I wore Quell to bed, I was finally able to once more sleep through the night and this has made an enormous difference in my energy and state of mind.

- Anthony E. review

Quell is making a difference

Quell is a life changing wearable for millions of people with chronic pain. It delivers clinical-strength therapy and the convenience of a wearable along with a sophisticated app that helps people reclaim their lives. We know it’s making a difference because of the tens of thousands of positive user stories we’ve received over the past year.

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What’s new with Quell for 2017

  • New App Calibration, the first step in personalization. Makes it easier to set up and set optimal, individual dosage.
  • Unprecedented personalization capabilities including time of day adjustments to incorporate circadian fluctuations, “as needed” therapy at night, and additional stimulation patterns.
  • Measure progress on multiple unique health dimensions including pain, activity, and gait, in addition to therapy and sleep.
  • Enhanced battery life (on average 5-7 days between charging), capable of remote firmware upgrades.

100% Drug-free Neurotechnology

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  • 100% drug free neurotechnology.
  • Relieves chronic pain.
  • Only pain relief device FDA cleared for use while sleeping.
  • 81% of users report improvement in their chronic pain*
  • 67% of users report reduction in their pain medication use*
  • Comfortable enough to be worn all day, lightweight and rechargeable.

How Quell Works

Quell is powerful enough to tap into your body’s natural pain relief response, relieving pain signals in your body.

Quell stimulates sensory nerves in your upper calf.
Sensory nerves carry neural pulses to your brain.
Neural pulses trigger a natural response that relieves chronic pain signals in your body.
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Facts & reviews about Quell

Watch this video for fast facts about Quell and chronic pain and to get a sense of how Quell has impacted users’ lives.

How to calibrate Quell using the app (or app-based Calibration)

This video will demonstrate how to calibrate Quell using the Quell Relief smartphone app on an Apple or Android device.

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*AAPM Facts and Figures on Pain. American Academy of Pain Medicine website. Accessed July 11, 2016.