TEN Reasons That Quell is the Most Advanced TENS

12/03/2020 • Shai Gozani M.D., Ph.D.

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Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a safe and effective approach to pain relief.  TENS devices have been available for five decades.  If you compare units from the 1970s with modern TENS devices, you will see that today’s devices are generally smaller, have transitioned from analog to digital electronics, have replaced dials and knobs with push buttons and LCDs, and utilize better battery technology.  However, the fundamental operation and features of modern TENS units have not changed much from those available in the time of disco and bell bottoms.  In typical use, the pain sufferer still attaches the device to electrodes on the skin via lead wires, dials up the intensity, and the device proceeds to stimulate for some period of time.

Quell® wearable pain relief technology, launched in 2015, represented the first fundamental innovation in TENS technology in decades.  Here are TEN reasons why Quell is the most advanced TENS available!

1. Quell has more stimulation power than any other OTC device and its power is comparable to or even greater than that of leading prescription devices.  To learn more read about Quell prescription strength stimulation.

2. Quell is the only TENS device with a patented calibration procedure that automatically determines the optimal stimulation level for your body.

3. Just place Quell on your leg and it will automatically provide you with comfortable and effective nerve stimulation for as long as you decide; you don’t need to interact with the device at all.  It will automatically make stimulation adjustments based on your preferences, body position and whether you are awake or sleeping.  No other TENS device has the patented Quell Therapy Autopilot™ technology.  Read more about it in this blog post.

4. All TENS devices except for Quell carry a warning against use during sleep because of the risk of electrode peeling and dangerously high electrical stimulation.  However, Quell is expressly designed for use during sleep and is the only TENS device cleared by the FDA for use during sleep.*  Beyond that, Quell will automatically adjust therapy while you sleep according to your preferences.  Read this blog post to learn more about Quell sleep technology.

5. The Quell device can be controlled and customized with the Quell Relief mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones.  Although several other OTC TENS devices have a mobile app, none have the elegance and functionality of the Quell app.  Visit our website to learn more about the Quell Relief mobile app.

6. Quell is the only TENS devices that works with the Apple Watch®.  Read our recent blog post that describes the unique features and benefits of the Quell Watch app.

7. Most people with chronic pain are sensitive to certain changes in the weather.  If you create a Quell Health Cloud account then Quell will track the weather and alert you when your pain may be aggravated.  The app will even optimize therapy to help you through the pain storm.

8. Quell is more than a TENS device.  It has built in sleep, activity and gait tracking so you have objective data to guide your pain relief journey.  The data is automatically collected by your Quell device and intuitively displayed in the Quell Relief mobile app.  Visit our website to learn more.

9. Quell utilizes a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery technology that typically only requires recharging every 3 days, even when used throughout the day and night.  Most TENS devices, including prescription units, use inconvenient, expensive and wasteful disposable batteries.  Read this blog post to learn more about how TENS devices are powered.

10. Quell is the only TENS device that is powered by a neurostimulation microchip.  All other devices utilize discrete electronic components which increases their physical size, limits their features and decreases their battery life.


*FDA 510(K) clearance means that the FDA has deemed the device to be as safe and effective as a medical device previously cleared by the FDA; this is called “substantially equivalent.” This process is different from FDA approval of drugs and typically does not involve a review and analysis of clinical data. All transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators (TENS) must be FDA cleared before they are marketed. The FDA 510(k) clearance for Quell specifically states that it may be used during sleep.

About The Author
Shai Gozani M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Gozani is an expert in non-invasive neurostimulation. He received his M.D. degree from Harvard Medical School and the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Science and Technology. Dr. Gozani earned his Ph.D. in Neurobiology, M.S. in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and B.A. in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley. Following his studies, Dr. Gozani conducted post-doctoral research at Harvard Medical School and MIT. He holds 36 U.S. patents and has authored over 30 articles in scientific and clinical peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Gozani is founder, president and CEO of NeuroMetrix, Inc.; which designs and manufactures Quell.

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