Quell Relief App: Understanding and Tracking Key Insights on Your Journey to Pain Relief

01/03/2019 • Quell Team

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Quell has changed the way many people treat chronic pain, but some don’t know about the helpful insights that the Quell relief app can provide for them on a daily basis.  
Below is a breakdown of the four categories of insights.

Therapy Insights

Quell delivers one hour therapy sessions. Quell tracks the number of sessions you complete each day and presents this information to you via the Quell Relief App on your smartphone.  This therapy data is designed to help you optimize your pain relief.

Therapy insights include the number of sessions each day, therapy time per day and a range from fewest to most therapy sessions in a time frame.  Tracking daily usage is important as research shows that daily use provides the best chance of pain relief.

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Sleep Insights

Chronic pain and poor sleep go hand in hand. Inadequate sleep can worsen pain, which can trigger a vicious cycle of decreased activity during the day, less sleep, and even worse pain. It is essential that you get as much high-quality sleep as possible. Quell users may review their sleep data to explore the relationship between pain relief and improved sleep.  
Each of the eight sleep insights tells you something about your sleep health. Time awake will tell you the amount time you were restless or awake after first falling asleep. The best sleep is uninterrupted sleep; this insight will tell you how restful you were during the night. You can also see how much time you slept on your sides or back, and even periodic leg movements.
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Activity Insights

Physical activity is essential to managing your chronic pain and maintaining good health. However, chronic pain can interfere with your ability to be active and to exercise, and can even alter gait, which is the way you walk. Therefore, many people with chronic pain are sedentary. Like sleep, this can cause a cycle of decreased activity and worsening pain.
In the Quell activity insights, you can see the number of steps you have taken and how much time you spent walking. Both of those insights show you how active you have been while wearing your Quell. This is important, so you can monitor your level of activity while wearing Quell.

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Pain Insights

A reduction in pain, better sleep, and increased activity levels are all positive indicators that Quell is working for you. Quell takes it a step further with pain insights. The Quell relief app provides an easy and intuitive way to track changes in your pain level and how pain interferes with your sleep, activity and mood.  

Click here to see all the pain insights and how they will help you.

Quell tracking insights are a valuable tool to use in the quest for chronic pain relief.  The Boston-based Quell Customer Care team is here for you during this journey. Our mission is help you better understand and take advantage of all of the technology within Quell.

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The Quell Team is comprised of members of the Marketing, Engineering and Customer Care teams at NeuroMetrix. We are committed to empowering people living with chronic pain to regain a high quality of life. We believe that life shouldn’t be defined by a condition. We believe that no one should have to settle for crippling side effects and we imagine a future where therapies are accessible, available and usable for anyone who needs it.

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