Maximizing the Lifespan of Quell Electrodes

06/24/2019 • Quell Team

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Quell Electrode Care Tips

Quell Electrodes are optimized to deliver high powered neurostimulation in a precise way to relieve chronic pain. While they may appear simple to the eye, the electrical array and proprietary hydrogel are designed to hold up to long term wear while stimulating a large surface area. Quell Electrodes are made in the USA by our partner who specializes in medical manufacturing.

With proper care, a single Quell Electrode should last up to two weeks, even if the hydrogel pads may show signs of wear during normal use including spreading, peeling and fading around the edges.

Quell Electrodes do not need to be replaced until stimulation during therapy feels uncomfortable and/or you see the orange error light on the Quell device blink when you attempt to start therapy.

Here are a few tips and tricks to maximize the lifespan of your Quell Electrodes.

Standard Electrodes vs. Sport Electrodes

There are two types of Quell Electrodes available, Standard or Sport. The Standard Electrodes are included in most starter kits and are designed to deliver effective pain relief year-round. We also offer Sport Electrodes which have a unique hydrogel designed to hold up better in situations with higher levels of humidity and perspiration.

Standard Electrode Features

  • Soft hydrogel provides consistent, comfortable nerve stimulation in most conditions
  • Ideal for daily use

Sport Electrode Features

  • Sweat-resistant hydrogel absorbs less moisture
  • Good for use during outdoor activities in humid weather or when perspiring excessively
  • Suitable for seasonal or occasional use, as needed

Quell Electrode Care Tips

  • Do not remove the paper liner from the electrode until after you have snapped it onto the back of the device. This will protect the hydrogel over the snap from damage.

  • Ensure that the sport band isn’t wrapped too tightly around the leg, as that will contribute to gel spread. The electrode shouldn’t leave an imprint on the leg after it is removed. If it does, loosen the sport band slightly.

  • Remove electrode slowly, taking care not to touch the gel to minimize risk of gel loss. Remove the device from your leg when not in use to allow the gel on the electrode to cool.

  • Minimize use outdoors during hot, humid weather, when possible. If you will be wearing your device in hot, humid conditions, consider using a Quell Sport Electrode.

  • Minimize exposure to dirt and dust.

  • Be mindful about where the device & electrode are stored in hot weather and when possible avoid storing your device and electrodes in heat or direct sunlight for example in a hot car or a bag outdoors.

  • In some cases, it may also help to alternate between two electrodes, for example when you remove the device to ventilate the skin every 4 hours, to minimize the amount of gel spread that may result from extended sessions.

  • If your skin is very dry, moisturize with a lightweight daily moisturizer 20-30 minutes prior to placing the device on your leg.

  • Save the liner that comes with the electrode to protect the electrode when not in use. Store the electrode in a resealable bag to prevent the gel from drying out when not in use.

  • If you have misplaced your electrode liner, you may store the electrode flat in a resealable plastic bag.

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Quell Electrodes are also FSA (Flexible Spending account) eligible and may be purchased with your FSA card.

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