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Introducing LivingQuell

04/18/2017 • Quell Team

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All of us at NeuroMetrix are proud to welcome you to LivingQuell, a blog that will serve as an online resource for those impacted by chronic pain, including our rapidly growing Quell Wearable Pain Relief Technology customer base.

With an estimated one in three Americans living with chronic pain, we want to create an online space to share new ideas and content, and bring together all who are impacted by chronic pain: those living with pain, their loved ones, caregivers, clinicians and beyond. LivingQuell will cover a variety of topics including perspectives on industry news, viewpoints from pain management, sleep and other healthcare professionals and real stories of from Quell users.

We are deeply committed to finding innovative solutions for those living with chronic pain, and introducing a blog was the next logical step in supporting this mission. Our hope is for LivingQuell to bring greater awareness, insight and education to the broader chronic pain conversation and to Quell users.

Please share posts with friends and let us know if there is any content you’d like us to explore here. Be sure to subscribe to the LivingQuell Blog to receive updates with new blog posts. We are looking forward to building this community with you!

About The Author
Quell Team
Quell Team

The Quell Team is comprised of members of the Marketing, Engineering and Customer Care teams at NeuroMetrix. We are committed to empowering people living with chronic pain to regain a high quality of life. We believe that life shouldn’t be defined by a condition. We believe that no one should have to settle for crippling side effects and we imagine a future where therapies are accessible, available and usable for anyone who needs it.

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