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Inside the Quell App: Personalization Features

06/25/2018 • Quell Team

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While pain is universal, everyone’s experience with it is unique and there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to pain management. With the Quell Wearable Pain Relief technology and accompanying app, we have recognized this need for customization by incorporating a variety of personalization features designed to help you optimize your experience with the device, while considering your individual needs.


The Quell Relief app allows for easy calibration of your device, the first step in kicking off your journey to relief by customizing the device for your individual needs. Calibration involves a quick, one-minute setup, during which your device determines your nerve sensation level and then uses an algorithm to calculate your personalized therapeutic intensity.

Completing Your Profile

Although the calibration process will calculate the appropriate therapeutic intensity for most users, you may find that you want to refine your therapy based on your pain patterns in response to changes in the weather, times of the day or other fluctuations. Completing your Profile in the app will enable you to further customize your therapy.

You’ll find these personalization options in the Settings menu of your Quell Relief app:

Scientific studies have found that there may be a link between pain and weather variables such as barometric pressure, humidity, and temperature. While a direct correlation remains inconclusive, our integration of a location-based weather indicator in Weather Sensitivity is an effort to keep you informed and one step ahead of your pain. By alerting you when current weather may impact your pain levels, the Quell app gives users the opportunity to adjust their therapy and stimulation options accordingly.

Similarly, the app allows you to customize therapy based on the time of day. By enabling Time of Day Adjustment, you can indicate the time of day when stimulation feels particularly strong to you. The device will then automatically compensate to keep the stimulation feeling consistent and comfortable throughout the day.

The Stimulation Patterns setting gives you the opportunity to select how your therapy feels. Choose from Standard (a constant vibration), Alternative (a fast, gentle pulse), or Sensitive (a low vibration) patterns.

Your Quell comes set to deliver therapy every other hour for optimal therapeutic benefits, but Quell Relief app users have the option to customize therapeutic dosage based on their individual needs. Therapy Dose settings include Regular (60 minutes of therapy restarting every 60 minutes), High (60 minutes of therapy restarting every 30 minutes), Low (30 minutes of therapy restarting every 60 minutes), and Manual (60 minutes of therapy that does not restart automatically).

You can select the Sleep Mode option that best meets your needs“Bed Time Only” will only initiate therapy while you’re falling asleep, whereas the default option, “Gentle Overnight”, will provide overnight therapy at reduced intensity. On the flipside, selecting “Full Power” will deliver therapy at your daytime intensity as you sleep, in “As Needed” Quell only activates when poor sleep quality is detected.

With all these features available, the Quell app offers a convenient, dynamic and personalized pain management tool. Rather than limiting your experience to a static set of capabilities, Quell changes to meet your individual needs. By simply downloading the app, customized care is at your fingertips.

For additional resources, including video tutorials and User Manuals, please visit the Support section of quellrelief.com.

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