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How to Get Quality Sleep When You Have Chronic Pain

03/12/2019 • Quell Team

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How to Get Quality Sleep When You Have Chronic Pain

If you have any form of chronic pain, you know how critical it is to get a good night’s rest. We’ve talked a lot about the pain-sleep connection, and how not just the physical symptoms of pain but the anxiety that comes along with it can create barriers to getting quality sleep. Our recent survey of 1,500 adults living with chronic pain, found that on average, they lost two hours of sleep daily because of their symptoms. So how do you overcome these challenges? Below, we’re sharing our favorite tips for how to get quality sleep when you have chronic pain. Try these methods to help you transition from endless tossing and turning to a peaceful night of sleep:
Create a sleeping schedule and stick to it. If you go to bed each night at the same time and rise the next day at the same time, you’ll help your internal clock get used to your sleep pattern and improve your drive to get a good night’s sleep. Keep track of when you fall asleep and wake up to better understand how a change in schedule might affect your quality of rest. It’s hard to avoid hitting “snooze,” but your body will thank you when you start to get more consistent sleep.
Make sure your environment is conducive to quality sleep. Is your mattress firm enough? Do you have the right pillows? What position are you sleeping in? Take note of your bedroom environment to see how your mattress, pillow or sleep position may be impacting your sleep quality. There are a variety of mattress brands aimed to help people with chronic pain — research your options and ask your peers for advice to see what will work best for you. Depending on where you experience pain, there may be a certain body position that will improve comfort and ultimately lead to better sleep.
Try neurostimulation to block pain while you sleep.  Our sleekly designed neurostimulation device, Quell 2.0 is a 100% drug-free system that uses prescription strength transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation to provide relief from chronic pain. While Quell isn’t a sleep aid, it can be used 24/7, meaning you’ll be getting active therapy while you sleep. Use Quell 2.0 and the companion Quell Relief App to track your sleep patterns and therapy sessions.
Quell can actually address the pain you’re feeling that is keeping you up at night, and empowers users with information about their sleep patterns and habits. Using the Quell Relief App, Quell users can explore sleep data to understand the relationship between pain relief and improved sleep. Quell provides eight sleep insights to learn more about your sleep health, including time awake, leg movements and sleep positions. (Learn more about these insights and others in our this blog post.) 
If you plan to use Quell while sleeping, the default sleep setting is “Gentle Overnight,” which begins at your regular intensity level, but reduced intensity overnight. If this setting isn’t delivering the best results, you can update your sleep mode under Settings > Sleep Mode.  
Have you ever experienced disrupted sleep due to chronic pain? What methods have you tried to improve sleep quality? Join the conversation with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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