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The Quell makes it a lot easier to cope with the pain.

- Christy

Quell has helped thousands of people with chronic pain

I went back to fishing. I value my life again.


Quell has helped thousands of people with chronic pain

Emotionally, and physically I've been able to enjoy just everyday activities.

- Kyle

Quell has helped thousands of people with chronic pain

This turned down the noise…enough so that I could focus on everything else.

- Jennifer

Quell has helped thousands of people with chronic pain

Chronic pain is a complex condition that affects people differently. As a result, you may not experience pain relief and other benefits from using Quell. You may return Quell within 60-days for any reason.

Safe, Drug-Free Pain Relief

Safe, Drug-Free Pain Relief

Are you one of the millions of people that suffer from knee, foot or leg pain?

Quell® may be able to help. Quell is the most advanced transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) device available. It is wearable neurostimulation technology that is completely automated and works seamlessly with your smartphone or Apple Watch®. Just place Quell on your upper calf and go about your day or go to sleep and let the prescription strength pain relief do the rest.

Join the more than two-hundred thousand pain sufferers that have used this innovative technology. You have nothing to lose but your pain.

“I have been using the quell ever since it first hit the market. I was only able to work about 10 hrs a week before now I can work almost a full week. The pain was so bad before I was taking way more ibuprofen then i should but had no choice. I heard about Quell and thought why not give it a try. From day one I have gotten my life back. I love the device and use it all day everyday and don’t take ibuprofen anymore.”*  – Barry, Facebook

Five Steps to Pain Relief

Five Steps to Pain Relief

  1. Order your risk-free trial of Quell
  2. Quell starter kit delivered to your home in 2 days
  3. Download the Quell mobile app to your smartphone, which guides you through a quick and easy setup
  4. Start your first Quell therapy session
  5. Begin your pain relief journey and reclaim your life from chronic pain

Start Your Risk-Free Trial Today

“It will be two years on 12/29/20 that I became a devoted Quell wearer. I wear it mostly at night and appreciate that the device tracks my sleep hours as well as leg movements and sleep positions. I am a 72 year old competitive ballroom dancer, tap dancer, Pickleball player, and I swim daily!”* – Andrea, Facebook

Most Advanced TENS Technology

Most Advanced TENS Technology

  • High stimulation power to maximize pain relief
  • Therapy Autopilot™ for automated and personalized pain relief
  • Proprietary microchip makes Quell amazingly small and thin
  • Rechargeable battery provides 3+ days of therapy on a charge
  • Future-proof, receive new features as no cost upgrades
  • Covered by 15 US patents, more than any other TENS device
  • Designed and assembled in USA

Pain Relief Enhanced by the Quell App

Makes setup and personalization easy

Coaching to help you to reach your pain relief goals

Track your pain, activity, gait and sleep

Notifies you of weather changes that may impact your pain

Contribute to pain research and get other benefits with an optional Quell Health Cloud account

Apple Watch® App Makes Quell Even Easier And More Seamless!

Standalone app, entirely independent of your iPhone

Control Quell with the tap of your finger

Conveniently check your Quell's battery and other valuable status information

Smart notifications alert you to important events so you don't miss out on pain relief

Try Quell Risk Free For 60 Days

Try Quell Risk Free For 60 Days

Use your FSA/HSA benefits
Easy financing available
2-year limited warranty, so you are covered