Regain what chronic pain has taken from you.


100% Drug Free, Wearable Pain Relief Technology

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81% of Quell users reported improvement in their chronic pain.*

Reclaim your life with doctor recommended pain relief.

Quell is a revolutionary new technology, wearable intensive nerve stimulation, that is clinically proven to help you manage chronic pain. It is 100% drug free and doctor recommended. Quell is FDA cleared for 24/7 use, during the day while active and at night while sleeping, so you can get relief when and where you need it.

<!--1.5-->Reclaim your life with doctor recommended pain relief.

Experience widespread relief from chronic pain.

Worn just below the knee and activated by simply clicking a button, Quell taps into your body’s natural pain control system to block pain signals to deliver widespread pain relief. It’s that powerful.

67% of Quell users reported a reduction in their use of pain medication.*

Stay active.

Stay active and don’t let pain rob you of the things you love to do. Quell’s lightweight, slim design is comfortable and discreet enough to wear under clothes and while on-the-go, delivering relief whenever and wherever you need it. You can even control and customize therapy directly from your smartphone app.* Now you can experience the pain relief you need to stay active.

Sleep better.

Quell fights pain 24 hours a day, including while you sleep. Designed for overnight use, you can customize sleep settings, track sleep history and monitor 8 dimensions of sleep with the new and enhanced smartphone app*. The better you sleep, the less pain you will have and the better you’ll feel – both day and night.

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What people are saying about Quell.*

Dr. Marlene Reid, past president of the IPMA

“It’s so nice to finally have an adjunct to my treatment plans for patients with chronic painful musculoskeletal problems. Most of my patients want an alternative to taking pain meds and Quell has proven to be that alternative.”

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"My osteoarthritis pain used to have me limping by the end of most days, often needing to take pain medication and at times interfering with my quality of sleep.  With Quell, pain no longer gets in my way. I’m able to take this pain reliever wherever I go and use it whenever I need to so I can remain active. It has made a difference. I am pleased in how much less foot and knee pain I feel throughout the day and night."

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• 100% Drug free  • Doctor recommended  • Wearable 24/7  • 2 year warranty

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