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“This turned down the noise…enough so that I could focus on everything else.”1

- Jennifer

Thousands have experienced the benefits of Quell

"I went back to fishing. I value my life again."


Thousands have experienced the benefits of Quell

"The Quell makes it a lot easier to cope with the pain."

- Christy

Thousands have experienced the benefits of Quell

"Emotionally, and physically I've been able to enjoy just everyday activities."

- Kyle

Thousands have experienced the benefits of Quell

Advanced, personalized pain relief technology that lives with you day and night

Quell is a 100% drug free and non-surgical solution is personalized to meet your needs.  The device is smart enough to adjust therapy while you sleep and even to compensate for changes in the weather.

Quell stimulates sensory nerves with safe and precise electrical pulses to trigger a natural pain relief response.

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Our mission is to help people reclaim their lives from chronic pain

At Quell, we believe that technology can empower people living with chronic pain. We seek to understand and respond to the challenges of the chronic pain community with innovative solutions and by investing in chronic pain research.

We believe that neurotechnology can be part of the solution to the chronic pain crisis by providing safe pain relief.

Building on 20 years of experience developing medical technology used in doctor’s offices, NeuroMetrix integrates neurostimulation and digital medicine to address chronic pain.  All Quell products are designed and assembled in the US.

Advanced Neurotechnology for Chronic Pain

  • FDA class II Medical Device²
  • 100% drug and surgery free
  • Personalized to your preferences and body type
  • 3X more powerful than typical OTC TENS³
  • Slim rechargeable device is comfortable and discreet enough to wear 24/7

Chronic Pain Relief Enhanced by the Quell App

Makes setup and personalization as easy as 1-2-3

Notifies you about changes to the weather that may impact your pain

Tracks your activity, gait, sleep and pain

Coaches you to achieve optimal results

Contribute to pain research by signing up for an optional Quell Health Cloud account

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